Humizone is one of the key products of the al-Joud Company to improve the agricultural environment.

Among the products supporting the agricultural sector in Al-Joud Company for the technology of industry and modern agriculture, which was manufactured with the expertise and competencies of the Iraqi cadres, and has proven its success after many test is the fertilizer (Humizone), which is an organic fertilizer rich in compounds alternative acids (Humic acid & fulvic acid), Which are one of the best types of humic acid for being extracted from leonardite sources (high quality and saturated with oxygen).

It is an effective fertilizer in organic and traditional farming systems, and it is one of the important keys and solutions in improving the agricultural environment and improving the capacities of different plants.

The most important advantages of using organic fertilizer (Humizone) are:

  • Improves organic and chemical soil properties of various types (light sandy - heavy clay).
  • Improves agricultural soil tissue of all kinds.
  • Activates and increases the number of microorganisms and improves their efficiency in the soil.
  • Increases the soil's ability to retain water and moisture and reduces the negative of moisture content in the soil on the growth and health of plants.
  • Reduces soil pH, which contributes to the nutrient availability of plants.
  • The production and maintenance of micro-nutrients from the phenomenon of washing and disabling.
  • Inhibits the effect of some harmful and toxic elements such as sodium and some forms of calcium on the chemistry of mineral nutrients in the soil and disrupts their negative impact on crops, thus reducing the phenomenon of salinization of agricultural land in a unique way.
  • Minimizes the clogging of irrigation channels and irrigation systems caused by calcification and saline blockages by metal casting.
  • Accelerates and increases germination of seeds.
  • Activates the growth of the root in a distinctive way.
  • Activates enzymatic system within plants.
  • Increases the capacity of the roots, increasing the intake of nutrients through the cell wall of the root cells.
  • Improves plant specifications and contributes to increase production and quality, minimizing the impact of harmful and toxic substances and drought on plants.

The product is available in a capacity of 1 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters and is available at the company's direct sales outlets in Karbala governorate and abroad. For inquiries, call 07801930125 or 07801035422 or visit the company's direct marketing center on the road to Karbala / Najaf opposite pillar (1145).
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