A citizen from Baghdad offers ancient and rare antiquities to the al-Kafeel Museum.

The administration of the al-Kafeel Museum of the treasures and manuscripts in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced receiving ancient and rare antiquities donated by the citizen Mr. Karim Abdul Hussein of Baghdad province.

According to the head of the museum department, Sadiq Laazem: "The al-Kafeel Museum received today an old collection of rare items as a gift to the museum. It included: (a rare coin attributed to Imam ar-Redha - peace be upon him -, various Islamic silver coins, a large wooden box and another small, two knives with decorated handles, a metal candlestick and others), to register his name in the museum in the list of those who had the honor to donate gifts to the museum.

He added: "The museum contains many archaeological and heritage collections of various types and forms, and most of them came as a gift to the museum, which opened its doors to receive such gifts from the faithful brothers as an expression of their love to Aba al-Fadl Abbas (peace be upon him)."

The donor, Mr. Karim Abdul-Hussein, expressed his great pleasure and joy considering himself lucky to have the honor written in the donators' list of the museum of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), confirming that no other place deserves this donation other than the al-Kafeel Museum."
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