Football and intellectual games in the second forum of the Cubs category within the program of the comprehensive development program in its third edition.

On the basis of the saying "the sound mind in the healthy body" and within the parts of the comprehensive development program in its third edition, and within the second forum of the category of cubs, the al-Kafeel Association of Scouts of the Division of childhood and youth at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, a football tournament held at the stadium of Al-'Alqami visitors, with the participation of the Scout of students enrolled in the program.
The second forum of the Cubs group also included the several intellectual games, which aimed at activating the mind and increasing the mental abilities of the participating Scout elements, and these recreational activities witnessed great interaction by the participants.
The Comprehensive Summer Development Program (PDC) is a program designed for the three stages of scouting (cubs, scouts and juniors) from nine to eighteen years. It is characterized by a combination of courses, workshops and integrated qualitative lectures in various sciences, knowledge, arts, theoretical and applied skills, in the general aspects of specialization that increases the level of participating groups and sharpens their talents and increases their intellectual immunity.
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