The Relief and Support Division is stepping up its support and presence in various districts through its units.

Despite the high temperature and far distances, the relief and support division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has stepped up its presence in a number of provinces through its units and processions associated with it, carrying with it the support to the fighters of the security forces and popular mobilization.

Diyala Governorate Unit (the service of the fighters is an honor to us) ... This slogan was raised by the Diyala province unit, which provides its services to the fighters, in recognition of their efforts and believing in their bravery, heroism and their great role in preventing the dangers of terrorism on this country. The Relief and support reached the 26th brigade of the popular mobilization and security forces stationed in the area of ​​Canaan, providing them with the food and other within the available capabilities, which helps them to maintain stability and provide security and safety.

The Unit's head; Haj Hasan al-Musawi stressed to al-Kafeel Network: "We are honored to offer these services to these heroes. In addition to this, the convoy of our ambassador of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) of our Unit has reached the city of Samarra, where the 313th brigade of the popular mobilization is stationed to provide them with large quantities of various relief, subsistence and food items. "

Al-Musawi concluded: "We emphasize that the Diyala Relief and Support Unit will spare no effort to provide assistance and services to our heroic fighters stationed in the different operational divisions, and we will work day and night for this purpose, and we pray the God Almighty and ask Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) to give us help and success."

The Baghdad Unit for Relief and Support is an inexhaustible supply of services ... The procession of Imam Musa al-Kadhem (peace be upon him) continues with determination within the association of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) in the Baghdad Unit to provide its support, as the owners went to the south of Baghdad towards the Buhairat district to serve the troops of the popular mobilization stationed there, to provide quantities of fresh food from fruits and vegetables and dry livelihoods. Confirm and exhorting their brothers from the rest of the processions on the importance of supporting this district for its urgent need, in order to help them to remain steadfast and sustain the momentum of victories achieved by the blessed blood of our martyrs.

On the other hand, the convoys were launched towards ‘Ar’ar. The service was supervised by the Baghdad Distribution Authority and the Husayniyah people campaign to the 26th Brigade of the popular mobilization who is assigned to provide protection for the pilgrims in the Nukhayb and 'Ar'ar border areas and the road to the hajj. Providing them with various kind of support that would assist the heroic fighters in performing their sacred duty.

North of Baghdad was also targeted by the relief and support team at the Aal Yasin Mosque ... where the relief and support team at the Supreme Religious Authority Representation in al-Kadhemiyah launched its convoy into the areas of operations in northern Baghdad towards the 12th brigade of the popular mobilization, who are hunting down the remaining members of the ISIL terrorist gangs in the villages and orchards. Relief and subsistence materials were distributed to more than 900 fighters in this process, as well as the 8th Brigade fighters of the popular mobilization. The members of this campaign were keen to reach as far as possible from the battlefields, not caring for the high temperatures.

As for the operations districts south of Baghdad, the servants of the al-Hawara convoy presented their logistical support and services to the Mujahideen stationed in the Al-Harkawi, Amiya and Duweliba districts. The convoy's official, Mr. Dea Al-Moussawi, told us that their campaign was including food and various foodstuffs, which contribute greatly to maintaining the momentum of the fighters and helping them to continue to defend the land of Iraq and its holy sites. Stating that the procession of the people of Khalis, has contributed in this campaign and has been a real partner in this blessed convoy.

Mosul, our destination ... Support convoys, represented by the Noor Al Hedaya Cultural Foundation within the Baghdad Relief and Support Unit, were launched to provide support to the heroic fighters in the Nineveh Operations Division in the Hadhar area. Ali Hamid, the official of the foundation said: "We are all eager, and we are honored to perform this service, as within the series of our tour, we have reached 44th brigade of the popular mobilization, and the convoy carried aid, including various food items."
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