Relief and Support Processions participate in "Iradat al-Nasr [Victory's will]" Operation in its third phase.

As soon as security forces and the Popular Mobilization began the third phase of operations (the will of victory), to raid, search and cleanse the areas north of Jalula and Muqdadiya in Diyala and southern Nineveh, to eliminate remnants of the terrorist ISIL organization and end its threat, the Division of Relief and Support of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine rushed to provide the relief and support to the fractions of the popular mobilization participating in these operations.

And according to the division's plan to sustain momentum in these operations, the convoy of the relief and support team at the Aal-Yassin Mosque representing the supreme Religious Authority in the Kadhimiya city within the Baghdad unit, headed to Nineveh governorate, specifically the district of the 44th brigade of the Popular Mobilization participating in these operations.

Haj Wissam al-Kenani, one of the responsible of this service, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "We have the great honor to extend this support to our brothers and sons in the security forces and the Popular Mobilization, while they are engaged in these operations to tear down the dens of terrorists. We headed to the area of ​​operations 44th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization, which is one of the important areas to launch these operations. There, we have provided everything that will support the fighters as they defend the security of the dear homeland, in order for this process to achieve its set objectives."

"We continue to run these convoys in various districts, and this is the least we offer these heroes," he said.
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