The restaurant host of the holy shrine expands its service and introduces new mechanisms to receive visitors.

Al-Kafeel Global Network had a meeting with the head of the host restaurant Department, Haj Adel Al-Hamami, who briefed it on the most recent developments, saying: "The host restaurant of the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) receives hundreds of visitors on a daily basis, and accommodating these great numbers is difficult, but by the grace of Allah the Almighty and the blessings of he who honored us by serving him, we always strive to reach the best. thus based on the directives of the Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine to accommodate the larger number possible of visitors, we developed new mechanisms that will enable us to provide the best services to most of the visitors, who are seeking the blessings of the Master of hospitality and generosity; Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)."

He added: "Among what we have worked on during this period is:

- Making the host restaurant open all days of the week, as it used to be close one day and now it works throughout seven days.

- Opening additional outlets to distribute entry cards to the host in a way that reduces momentum, separating the foreigners from the Iraqis and also women from men. And providing these outlets with umbrellas to protect against the heat of the sun and provide cold water.

- Extending the delivery times of the entry cards to 12:00 pm instead of the early morning hours, where the visitor can go directly to the guest lounge or to the outlets of food distribution without delay.

- Making special pieces of instruction for the purpose of introducing the visitor to the things that he follows during his presence in the host, in addition to the definition of his seating and the hall allocated to him.

- Increase the number of employees, whether in the lounges or in external distribution outlets.

- Opening new outlets to distribute "taken" food in case the hospitality hall is full, or when the visitors want to take their food with them.

- Making a feeding schedule that suits the tastes of visitors, whether they are Iraqis or others.

- Allocating an area and a special hall to women, where the upper floor was allocated to them and the ground floor for men.

- Providing special places for the elderly and people with special needs to suit their health status.

- We are currently implementing an e-booking program for visitors. ”
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