Fara'idi App helps you to perform the missed prayers and fast.

One of the applications aimed at consolidating the importance of doing acts of worship is the Fara'idi App issued by the Internet Division in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.
It helps its users to perform their missed prayers or fasting through the mechanism of the required missed prayers and fast during a certain period, and once they are performed, it is installed on the App and then the user will be notified on a daily basis at a time set by the user until the completion of performing all the missed duties.
This application, thanks to the efforts of those in charge, has been provided with new features, including the possibility of adding and modifying new missed duties at any time the user wishes. The update is characterized by a new design and ease of navigation with the possibility of using the same mechanism for fasting and other amendments.
It is programmed with a work environment compatible with (Android) and (iOS), as this compatibility helps reduce errors and facilitates the continuous development of the application.
It should be noted that the application provides a great service for its users and the number of downloads of the application has reached more than a quarter of a million downloads in smartphones.
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