The staffs of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine starts an agricultural project for food industry and that will provide recreational places to the Iraqi family.

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced the launch of a large strategic multi-benefit project combining agricultural, industrial and recreational aspects, investing large parts of the desert of Karbala and turning them into green oases, contributing to the fight against desertification, taking advantage of its underground aquatic resources, through a project labeled (Ferdaws) on an area estimated at (760) dunums or the equivalent of 1.900.000 square meters.

According to the head of the Engineering Projects Department, Engineer Dia Majeed Al-Sa'egh, the project aims to:

1- Investment of desert agricultural lands and development of agricultural and industrial reality in Karbala.

2- The project will serve as natural stoppers for wind and dust storms.

3- Providing job opportunities through the employment of manpower to take care of the facilities of this project.

4- Contributing in supplying the local market with good and rare quality of agricultural and field crops and fruits.

5- Employing the agricultural industrial capabilities and expertise and putting them in their proper field.

6- Investment of groundwater by drilling artesian wells.

7 - Cultivation of varieties of rare fruit trees and benefit from them as well.

8- Introducing modern agricultural and industrial techniques and mechanisms, drawing on local and international expertise.

9- Make part of this project a source of reproduction of rare types of agricultural crops.

10- Providing recreational spaces for Karbala families.

11 - Allocating an area of ​​the project to establish industrial facilities to be implemented in the future for the economic benefit of the holy province of Karbala and Iraq in general.

12- The project will be an opportunity for researchers to study and implement their research projects.

Al-Sa'egh also explained: “The project was preceded by preparatory work, including making sure the soil is suitable for agriculture and industrial and recreational facilities, taking samples from the soil from various places for laboratory testing, knowing its salinity and suitability and determining the area to be occupied according to each section of the project, with soil leveling and determination of the agricultural, industrial and recreational sections, while providing the project with an integrated network of modern irrigation systems of axial sprinklers (Opal Pivot) of global origin, and the development of water nutrients through artesian wells, as was done in al-Saqi project."

Stressing: "The acquisition of land for the project was done in accordance with the laws of the Iraqi state in force, and the latest methods and mechanisms have been used in its cultivation."

For his part, the head of the Department of Agricultural Affairs and Livestock at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Ali Maz'al Layedh, explained: "The project (Ferdaws) is an agricultural, industrial and recreational project divided into three sections:

The first: agricultural for the production of agricultural crops in the manufacturing food industry: It is built on an area of 64 ha.

The second: Recreational, built on an area of ​​8 ha and includes modern recreational facilities, taking into account the green areas and water forms of waterfalls, lakes and green areas abound with palm and ornamental trees, and will be, God willing, a natural outlet for the Karbala families and visitors, because the province lacks such spaces.

Third: It will be built on an area of ​​about 4 ha. It has been allocated for the service and supplementary facilities of the project, in addition to stores, yards and housing for the employees of the project."

Continuing: "This project, which is designed according to the latest international designs, is interspersed with streets and squares and is surrounded by a natural fence of evergreen trees and an industrial one."

He also indicated: “The project's work is continuing as we have reached the end of the preliminary stages and started the installation of pivot sprinklers and accessories, in addition to other works in parallel lines without any intersection with other sections in order to accomplish it in the specified times.”
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