Al-Kafeel Printing House announces the completion of printing more than 8 million copies of 22 books for the Ministry of Education with high quality.

Al-Kafeel House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced the completion of printing 8.600.000 copies of 22 books for the Ministry of Education, for the various education classes (primary, middle, preparatory), according to the partnership agreement signed between the House and the Iraqi Media Network and the Ministry of Education. The printing was executed with high technical specifications and quality, which are higher than abroad printing and with less cost. Thus, the al-Kafeel House is the first printing house that delivers the books to the ministry before the agreed period of time, which is two months.

The director of the printing House, Mr. Feras al-Ibrahimi, said: “The printing press has modern printing equipment, and is managed by a highly qualified and experienced staff. Its publications have been matched by the quality of the international publication which drained the local currency in addition to the non-respect of the deadlines. And one of the most important reasons that led the Ministry of Education to print its curricula in Al-Kafeel House of Printing Press is the success and the expansion of its printing work in the previous years, which has been praised by customers whether the institutions or individuals. All its production is in conformity with international standards and the Iraqi Standardization and Quality Control. "

He has also explained: "We have respected in the printing of these books many points that are:

1- The paper quality, which was of European origins, made of environmentally friendly materials and has a smooth texture.

2- The used colors are real colors with high rates of stability and very small variation from the designs sent to us.

3- The books' cover was done in a beautiful and artistic way that helps the students to browse it without effort, preserving the books' pages all over the year if used conveniently.

4- The font and drawing are clear, thanks to the modern and sophisticated equipment of the printing house and its staff.

5- The method used for pasting and making every book according to its size and its pages' number

6- The inks with global origins, and homogeneous with paper quality and environmentally friendly.

7- The printing process was conducted by Iraqis throughout all the printing process, to contribute to support the national product without relying on external presses.".
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