After the success of their national experience: the coalition of the Al-Kafeel House for printing and the Iraqi media network confirms that the Iraqi mentality can achieve the impossible if the right conditions exist.

Feras al-Ibrahimi
The Coalition of the al-Kafeel House from Printing of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and the Iraqi Media Network Presses, celebrated the achievement achieved through the printing of more than eight million copies of 22 books of the curricula of the Ministry of Education, stressing that this achievement is the best proof of the success of this experiment, and a confirmation that the Iraqi mentality is capable of accomplishing the impossible if it has the right conditions.

This came during a celebration held at the headquarters of the Iraqi Media Network, where the President of the network, Dr. Fadl Farajallah, stated in a speech: "Today there is a great joy overwhelming us all, brothers in the al-Kafeel house for printing and brothers in the presses of the Iraqi Media Network, who have achieved a major achievement in Iraq, contributing to the printing of school textbooks for this year, and therefore this achievement is a source of pride for all of us, which we have performed in only forty days by printing eight million and 400 thousand books, a total of almost one billion and fifty million pages. And thanks to our coalition with the al-Kafeel House for Printing, we have achieved the printing of 13% of the publications of the Ministry of Education in only 40 days only, which is a great achievement that express our sense of national responsibility towards our country and our children in all schools. "

As for the Iraqi Ministry of Education, the director of the warehouses, Mr. Mohsen Wahal Alwan, explained: "What we have seen this year from the early arrival of books from the al-Kafeel House for Printing and the Iraqi Media Network, is a very joyful thing and we hope to develop the common cooperation further. Their publications have proved that they are of high quality and meet the wishes and aspirations of the student and the Ministry of Education."

Mr. Firas Al-Ibrahimi, Director of Al-Kafeel House for Printing Press, expressed his happiness with this achievement by saying: “First of all, congratulations to all of us for this achievement, which totally made in Iraq. The phrase that we almost forgot."

He stressed: "Since it started its projects, the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine emphasized that the work is based on the Iraqi mind and competence, which is one of the secrets of the success of its projects, as the holy shrine considered exporting this ideology of dependence on Iraqi competence and the mentality to outer institutions. And all praise to God, we agreed to hold a partnership with the Iraqi Media Network, which prove to everyone that the Iraqi mind is able to achieve the impossible if the conditions are suitable to face the challenges."

Al-Ibrahimi stated: "Part of the fruits of our work are:

- We were able to absorb part of the unemployment in two parts, one part of the unemployment of the Iraqi street and the other part of the so-called disguised unemployment. Each of the two printing houses does not have an investor, but all are employees of the state who worked efficiently day and night, because they were provided with the suitable conditions, proving that the Iraqi man is able to make great achievements and best results if all the conditions are available.

- We proved that we are supportive of the national effort and the ministry's effort. This ministry which is in contact with all our Iraqi families, thank God we did not look at the profit side as much as we look at the quality in printing and printing models. And therefore our goal was to deliver the book in a timely and with high quality to the Iraqi student.

- Through this work we discovered a lot of potential at the level of young people, it was a successful experience through which we proved that the state institutions if placed under the proper management and provided with the appropriate conditions they are able to advance the Iraqi reality.”
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