Four tons of school aids for the children of martyrs and needy families in Muthanna province within the al-Wafa humanitarian campaign.

The Al-Wafa Humanitarian Campaign of Al-Abbas (Peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (26th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization) was launched from Baghdad to Al-Muthanna province to assist the families of martyrs and the needy families in conjunction with the start of the new school year, with school aid of four tons.
Haj Fadhil Al-Hamdani said: “The campaign is inspired from the holy Quranic verses and the hadiths of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) that urge to help others. The aid includes everything that will help in the start of the new school year, as it is gifts in form of clothes, school supplies, stationery, some electrical appliances and other items. "
For his part, the representative of the Squad in Muthanna province, Mr. Saad Al-Abdali, said: "In coordination with the humanitarian campaign and the Chamber of Commerce of the province, there will be a tribute ceremony for the children of all martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Brigades as well as orphans and widows, based on the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority, the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and the leadership of the Squad to take care of families of the martyrs and the needy families."
In turn, the families of the martyrs appreciated this humanitarian initiative, pointing to the need of all families of martyrs and needy families to such initiatives that meet their daily need, as well as the needs of the new school year for their children.
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