The road to heaven: Pictures of the visitors' march to Karbala: Basra is almost empty and the Dhi Qar is welcoming the visitors.

The province of Basra seemed almost empty of visitors heading to the city of Karbala to perform the Ziyarat of Arba'een, after it welcomed them for more than seven days. The service included visitors of the province and those who are coming from outside Iraq and some neighboring provinces who wanted to walk from the farthest point...

The envoy of the al-Kafeel Network accompanying this march stated: "As soon as the province began to bid farewell to visitors, the service processions that were honored to serve them started packing, as their owners either want to walk to perform the Ziyarat Arba'een or to set up processions in other areas on the road to visitors, or to head to the holy province of Karbala to set up their service processions."

He also pointed out: "The peak of the Ziyarat is currently witnessed by the province of Dhi Qar and its exits, especially the border linking it with the province of Muthanna, as what distinguishes this province that it includes three main axes from which visitors enter, namely:

First axis: The road of Jabaysh district in the area of Sayed Dakheel, the city of Naseriyah; the province's centre and the area of Bathaa, many visitors coming from the province of Basrah take this road.

Second axis: starts from the area of Tar passing by Karmah and Souq Sheikh districts as well as the area of Fadlyah and the city of Naseriyah; the province's centre towards the area of Batha, this road is also taken by the people of the province of Basrah.

Third axis: Districts of Gharraf and Shatrah in the area of Nasr, districts of Refa'i and Qal'ah down to the area of Fajr belonging to the Diwanyah province, people of 'Amarah city, this road is taken by people of Maysan province in addition to the people of those areas.

This is what distinguishes this city as it is the main entrance for the visitors coming from the southern provinces of Iraq.

Hence, this province has received great numbers of visitors, and more than 4000 Hussayni processions of services were deployed in it.
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