For the first time, Al-Kafeel Academy for Ambulance and Medical Training implements the program (You are safe in hospitality of the Holy Shrines).

The Al-Kafeel Academy for Ambulance and Medical Training of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine started its program (You are safe in hospitality of the Holy Shrines) in Karbala, one of the programs of the Academy for the Ziyarat Arba'een, which is being carried out for the first time on the level of the Ziyarat of this scale. It worked on its preparation in terms of staff, plans and ambulatory materials and others for quite some time, to come into effect from the first days of the Ziyarat after it was in the previous seasons limited to evacuation groups.

The Executive Director of the Academy, Mr. Mortada Al-Ghalibi, explained to the al-Kafeel Global Network, saying: "The program is ready for implementation after the recruitment of 350 trainees from inside and outside Iraq, who have undergone intensive training programs in first aid and on carrying, transporting and evacuating the injured and sick."

Indicating: "The program works on:

- Deployment of emergency teams inside the shrine working to rescue the cases they monitored or received, with the transfer of critical cases to the nearest medical evacuation center, and each team consists of (5) paramedics with a stretcher and ambulance devices needed by the paramedic.

- The deployment of mobile rescue groups working on 8 equipped ambulance vehicles of small size, which can move within the large crowd, by which the ambulance teams can transfer the cases and delivered to the evacuation centers.

- Monitoring and inspection of the case upon arrival and if necessary transferring it to another center through these teams.

- The work of a central control room that receives calls, records cases and directs rescue vehicles to them, and has contact with all evacuation centers.”
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