Al Ameed University stands in solidarity with peaceful protests.

Like all academic institutions in Iraq, as well as following the example of the staff of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, al-Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education announced its support for peaceful protesters claiming their legitimate rights guaranteed by the constitution and supported by the Supreme Religious Authority.

Staff and students at Al-Ameed University showed solidarity with the peaceful protests that began on October 1.

A minute's silence was observed with a reading of Surat Al Fatiha in honor of the martyrs of the protests and then the vice-president of the university; Dr Moayad Al Ghazali has read a guidance word in the name of the administrative assistant Professor Alaa Al Moussawi and the deans of the faculties and directors of the scientific and administrative departments of the university.

Also, the university and its students participated in demonstrations and provided medical and logistical services to their peaceful fellow protesters.
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