Contributing to the awareness of Muslim communities in the American and European continents: Al Kafeel translation House publishes booklets on ethical integration in English.

Contributing to the awareness of the Muslim community in the American and European continents and continuing its activities in this field, the study unit of the Al Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media, affiliated to the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, has published a series of booklets in English for the Muslim community of both American and European continents, addressing several social issues such as humility, modesty, patience, marriage, anger, etc. ... to be an integral part of moral integration.

Mr Jassam Mohammed Al Saidi, director of the Al Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media, said: "The mentioned unit has rewritten these booklets in English, in cooperation with al Kafeel Translation House, to make them available to people who speak this language."

Adding: "The Al Kafeel House of Translation of the Center affiliated to the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, has several projects, including the translation of religious and ethical publications for their importance in the construction of the society. And thanks to God, we have translated several publications into various languages, including English, Urdu, French, Spanish and Chinese."

The director of the house; Mr Buraq Abdul Hassan Al-Assadi, stated: "These booklets, which aim to educate the individual about patience and how to deal with the various difficulties of life, especially in the marriage life, have been translated to English, and are available to Muslim communities and citizens of the American and European continents. We have previously marketed them at international exhibitions held in some American states and we are working to market them in the UK, Germany, Spain, India and Pakistan."

Adding: "These booklets are composed of five parts, each with a theme: humility, anger, friendship, patience, marriage and modesty."

Confirming: "These booklets are available at the Permanent Fair at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine near the screen in the area between the two holy shrines, in addition to the Beirut/Lebanon Fair, the International Book Fair in Tehran and the Book Fair in Qum, and were presented in Germany at the Frankfurt International Book Fair and in Belgium at a representative exhibition of the al-Abbas’s (p) Shrine in Europe, as well as in Washington, Texas, New York and Michigan, and we aspire to distribute them in the rest of the western countries."
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