The processions of logistical support are present in the demonstration squares to offer their support to peaceful demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights.

As it provided its support to the security forces and the popular mobilization, today, the division of relief and logistic support of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, represented by its processions in various provinces, is largely present to provide its support for the peaceful protesters demanding their legitimate rights, guaranteed by the constitution and supported by the supreme religious authority. And that by providing them with help and being at their side with other Hussayni service processions.

The division said that since the beginning of the protest movement, its support has started in place of Al Tahrir in Baghdad, then spread to the rest of the venues in other provinces, and its includes:

- Establishment of stands to provide services.

- Preparing meals for the protesters.

- Distribution of meals, water and juice.

- Provide medical assistance to paramedics.

- Contribute to give medical aid to the wounded.

- Moral support thanks to the presence of the processions' staff in the event venues.

- Provide some equipment used by protesters such as helmets, masks and others.

- Contribute to voluntary campaigns such as cleaning and painting sidewalks.
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