Engineering Maintenance Department engaged in the completion of the halls and laboratories building project at the al-'Ameed University.

The engineering cadres and staff of the engineering maintenance department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine are still working on the completion of the halls and laboratories buildings project at Al-Ameed University. The achievement rate is of 90 %.

The project is equipped with the best types of electrical and mechanical systems as well as modern decorations and laboratory furniture, and was built on an area of ​​an estimated six thousand square meters.

The supervisor of the project, Engineer Ali Mohamed Hussein said: "The building consists of four floors and contains (16) laboratories and (8) classrooms, all workshops and divisions in the Department of Engineering Maintenance harnessed their efforts to complete this project, which has now reached the advanced stages of 90%)."

It is worth mentioning that the Engineering Maintenance Department at the Holy Shrine is one of the vital departments in the Holy Shrine, for its important work in the various projects of the Holy Shrine.
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