The relief and support division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine provides services to protesters and continues to support fighters stationed on the front lines.

Despite the current conditions and the continuation of protests demanding legitimate rights, the support and relief division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has not forgotten the fighters stationed on the front lines, as its support is divided in two parts:

Some helps to provide services to protesters in demonstration sites in various Iraqi provinces, and others provide food and other services to the fighters, which helps them to stand in a position against those who want to harm again the security of this country. This aid is inspired from the recommendations of the supreme religious authority; His eminence Sayed Al Sistani in one of his recent statements: ... We should not forget their merit, and it is not permissible that they hear any word that detracts from their great sacrifices, as if it is possible today to hold peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins away from the harm of terrorists, it is thanks to these heroic men, they have full respect and appreciation.

The Baghdad unit (Labayka ya Iraq/Al Sudan tribe) affiliated to the support division led a support convoy under the title: (The Popular Mobilization has a right on us) for a brigade in Mossul province, This according to Sheikh Tahssin Al Soudani; deputy head of the Baghdad/ Karkh unit of support and assistance of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine. He added: "This convoy is one of many support convoys that were directed to the different operations' districts. We have reached the fighters in the town of Al Hadar (Ansar Al Marji'iya/44th brigade of popular mobilization), this convoy contains various food, fruits and dried fruits, to help them maintain their position for maintaining the victory achieved thanks to the blood of the martyrs of the security forces and popular mobilization."

The support and relief team in Hussayniyat Aal Yassin, within the Baghdad/Al Russafa unit affiliated to the support and relief division, sent a support convoy to the popular mobilization of defence in the fronts of operations all along southern Baghdad to the outskirts of Karbala. And according to team leader Wissam Al Kinani: "Our rescue campaign included the Al Qahhar Brigade, the Al Thaqaleen Brigade in the Al Latifiya operations district, Brigade of Moussa Al Kadhem (peace be upon him) in the Al Bouheirat region, the Al Battar force in the Hur Hussein region and the Fidaa Al Hujjah Brigade in Bahbahan, including various food aid of fresh and dry food."

For their part, the fighters expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude for the considerable efforts made by the relief and support division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, for its unwavering support.
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