Advanced phases carried out in the project (first residential complex Al Wafaa) for the housing of the families of the martyrs of the al Abbas Fighting Squad.

With the support of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and under the direct execution of the Engineering Maintenance Department, the work continues in the first residential complex Al Wafaa (Dar Oum Al Baneen (peace be upon her)) for the housing of the families of the martyrs of the al Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad, which came in recognition of their sacrifices for Iraq and its sanctuaries.
The command of the Al Abbas Fighting Squad, Brigade 26/ Popular Mobilization announced the continuation of the construction of this project, and its communications department said: "The work of the project located in the city of Karbala - Mulhak Al Faris district - has reached advanced percentages according to the timetable and the defined plans."
Adding: "The Squad leadership is seeking to find housing for all the martyrs' families of the Al Kafeel Knights, as well as the rest of the mujahideen, through the construction of other residential complexes in the rest of the provinces."
Mr Maitham Al Zaidi, General Supervisor of the Al Abbas Fighting Squad, said in a previous statement: "Our ambition is to welcome all the families of the martyrs of the popular mobilization and the security forces who responded to the call of the supreme religious authority, and this first residential complex to house the families of the martyrs of the Al Abbas Fighting Squad in the Mulhaq Al Wafaa district of Karbala is a first step in this great project."
It is worth mentioning that this housing project is only a small recognition for the great sacrifices made by these heroes for this country, and to their families who sacrificed the dearest ones for the defense of Iraq, its people and its sanctuaries.
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