The project to build a school to educate children about the heritage of Ahl Al Bayt (peace on them) is soon completed.

The engineering maintenance department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced that the completion rate of the project of building a school to educate children about the heritage of Ahl Al Bayt (peace be upon them) reaches 90%. Stressing that it will be a valuable addition to other projects as it complies with these objectives and with the high quality technical and architectural specifications.
The project manager, engineer Samir stated to the al Kafeel global network: "This project, which is located in the Al Baladiya district in central Karbala, is one of the projects carried out by the department's staff without outside assistance, from designs to finishings, in terms of construction, systems and others."
He explained: "The divisions, units and workshops of the engineering maintenance department have harnessed all their effort for the completion of this project within the planed timing. The project is built on an area of 400 m2 on two floors, each floor includes 5 classrooms in addition to the annexes, and it is equipped with the latest electrical and mechanical systems."
It should be noted that the school project to raise children's awareness of the heritage of the imams of Ahl Al Bayt (peace be upon them), is one of the educational and cultural projects adopted by the Dar Al Elm School (Knowledge School), headquartered in the Al Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, aiming to raise awareness of children and young people's advantage about this rich heritage, in accordance with scientific mechanisms and a modern style close to the spirit of each class.
It should be noted that the engineering maintenance department at Al Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is responsible for the construction, maintenance and equipment work at internal and external sites affiliated with the al-Abbas's (p) holy Shrine.
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