The statement of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad on the anniversary of the great Iraqi victory.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the great Iraqi victory that the Sons of Iraq achieved against the terrorist gangs of ISIS, in which the Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad / Brigade 26 of the popular mobilization had a role. It issued a statement on this occasion, as follows:

The anniversary of Victory Day comes to us, an anniversary that is dear to our hearts; the liberation day of Mosul, in which the heroes drew the path of peace and security to the beloved Iraq, after they defeated the fake state of the ISIS, an enemy representing darkness and terrorism and that practiced various types of criminality.

The Iraqis fought immortal battles against terrorism that the entire world witnessed, in which they sacrificed their blood to preserve the homeland, its sovereignty and dignity, and achieved victory after victory, thanks to the supreme religious authority represented by the Sayed Ali al-Sistani and his immortal fatwa, to which the volunteers responded as well as the armed forces and those behind them from different segments of society with their various activities, which continued even after the victory to paint the best features of humanity and brotherhood among the spectra of the lands of Mesopotamia, and they thus defeated a great scheme that was woven by international hands intending to override Iraq only with black ISIS flags, and turns into the capital of terrorism in the region, but the sacrifices and the shed blood was an obstacle for them.

We seize the opportunity to announce our unwavering stance with the homeland and its honorable people, for we are from it and to it and perish for it, and as we were ahead in the battles of splendor and fields of honor and we offered convoys of martyrs in exchange for these constants, we affirm our determination to go for that as long as we have a heart that beats.

Before the conclusion, we can only be merciful to the precious blood that was shed by the lovers of the fatwa and our valiant forces and all the martyrs of the country, and pray for health and wellness for all the wounded, and success to those who remained and followed their footsteps, and we ask God for our dear country to prosper to reach the position it deserves among the countries of the world.

Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad

Brigade 26 of the popular mobilization.

December 9, 2019.
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