Al-Kafeel Hospital succeeds in treating a young man, who was hit in the face in the demonstrations.

He did not know that the price he would pay for going out to claim his right to free and decent life on that day would be a bomb on his face that breaks his jaw and topple with ten teeth, and would cause a rift in his lips through which he demanded his right and the rights of his brothers.
This is what happened to a young Iraqi of twenty years old, who went out to demonstrate, before the hands of mercy of a medical team specialized in facial and jaw surgery in the Kafeel Specialist Hospital in Karbala, receive him to treat him and perform the necessary operations on his face.
The aforementioned medical team had announced its success in treating this twenty-year-old who was injured in the demonstrations, and a specialist in facial and jaw surgery at the hospital, Dr. Muammar Al-Araji said: “A medical team headed by us managed to treat a young man who was injured during the demonstrations by a fire bomb that broke the lower jaw in addition to loosing ten teeth and a rift on his lip."
Al-Araji explained: "The treatment was carried out with a specific process, during which we performed fixation of the lower jawbones and dental implants, and another operation to beautify the lip fissure."
He explained: "This process is one of a series of free operations conducted by the Kafeel Hospital, for those injured in the demonstrations, whether citizens or security forces."
It is noteworthy that the Kafeel Specialized Hospital, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, was and is providing free medical and treatment services for the wounded in the demonstrations in Karbala, and the hospital administration sent a specialized medical team to the city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar, to inspect and diagnose the wounded of the demonstrations and provide the treatment for them.
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