In Solidarity with the Victims of the Demonstrations: The al-'Ameed University and Al-Kafeel Hospital organize a blood donation campaign.

In continuation of the previous initiatives of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in support of the movement of demonstrations and demonstrators, and within its approach in this regard, both the al-'Ameed University and the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital organized a blood donation campaign in solidarity with the wounded in the demonstrations in Karbala and the rest of the Iraqi governorates.
The initiative carries many messages, including standing with the true popular demands that the protesters advocate.
Dozens of university teaching staff led by the President of the University, Prof. Moayad Al-Ghazali, and Administrative Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Al-Musawi and a number of department heads in addition to the students, who rushed to come to donate blood in response to the invitation that many considered a step in support of the wounded.
According to those responsible for this campaign, it aims to supplement the main blood bank in the province with these donations, which are considered one of the most important human needs during critical situations, especially as the country is witnessing a wave of peaceful protests and demonstrations to demand government reforms and provide decent livelihoods for this great people.
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