Starting the second stage of the expansion of the project for quality intravenous solutions.

The staffs working in the Al-Jood Intravenous Solution project started the work of expanding the project and adding new spaces for it, in a manner that meets and covers its planned production capacity, within its second stage, which included several parts, including these works.
This is according to what was indicated to the al-Kafeel Network, the head of engineering projects at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine of the architect, Dia Zia Majid Al-Sayegh, and added: "Since the beginning of the second stage of this vital and important project, which we hope will contribute to supporting the health sector in Iraq, the work is still in full swing according to every detail of this stage. In terms of expansion, the work is currently underway and included adding an area to be attached to the first part of it, and it will be allocated to one of the factory's production lines and within the engineering plans laid out for it, where the foundations and installation of iron structures for this project have been completed, to be merged with the previous works and make it into one building associated with it."
Noting: "The second part of this phase included the work of bringing machines and equipment for the production of these solutions, as there is a specialized delegation working on matters of contracting with the companies specialized in making these machines, according to the agreement concluded between our department and the consulting office of the Pharma Design Company."
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