Removing a tumor from the spine wrapped around the aorta of a six-year-old girl in the Kafeel Specialized Hospital

The al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala, which is affiliated with the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced its success in treating a six-year-old girl who was suffering from a tumor weighing (2 kg) in the spine, pressing the aorta and the heart muscle.
On this successful operation, the Turkish neurosurgery specialist, Dr. Mustafa Agkoun, stated: "A medical team led by us, managed to treat a six-year-old girl suffering from a spinal tumor pressing on the spinal cord extending to the heart."
For his part, the Turkish cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Bashir Akbenar, said: "The tumor was stretched from the spine towards the heart muscle and wrapped around the aorta." Adding: "The medical team specialized in Neurosurgery managed to remove the tumor from the spine that was compressing the spinal cord, and thus was able to clean completely the area and remove the tumor wrapped around the entire aorta. "
He explained: "24 hours after the operation to the sick girl, her health condition has stabilized, and she enjoys continuous follow-up by the specialized medical team."
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