Al-Joud Company: Our message to the whole world is that Iraqis are able to work and build in the most difficult circumstances and we have contributed to the return of (Made in Iraq).

Since its founding, Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural Technology and the production of detergents, sterilizers and antiseptics affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has set its sights on many goals according to a scientific vision, and it aims to:

- Serious and effective contribution to the economic development of the country, through added value achieved by the continuous upgrading of products and commitment to achieving the aspirations of the Iraqi consumer.

- The company is not a competitor to the government sector but rather partners in the business, and its doors are open to every scientific consultation through the modern laboratories it owns and which are equipped with the latest technologies.

- It seeks to send a clear message to the whole world that Iraqis are able to work and build in the most difficult circumstances.

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine took extensive and studied steps to complete the march of this company in the field of agricultural production requirements in its vegetable and animal parts, in addition to domestic and industrial detergents, and to develop the country's own capabilities in a way that contributes to ensuring the food and living standards of the country’s people, in order to compete with developed countries in this way fields.

The company has developed a scientific vision based on elements, the most important of which is its belief in the ability of the Iraqi mentality if it is provided with the means of creativity. The company seeks within these components to the following:

- To be a pioneer in the Iraqi industry in the quality of products.

- To achieve customer satisfaction by creating a distinct working environment, framed by social and environmental responsibility.

- To contribute to reducing the drain on hard currency that goes to other countries to import products.

- To work on improving the technical factors of the project, as the technology used in the Al-Joud complex meets all private and general requirements, and preserves the environment of the place and the health of the consumer.

The company also seeks to enhance its capabilities in the field of quality control and assurance, to continuously check the quality that it is working on and desired by the customer and exceed its expectations in order to gain confidence, as the Iraqi market is filled with many goods from various origins.

It is noteworthy that Al-Joud Company started work in 2014 and the beginning was in the production of agricultural fertilizers and complex and specific fertilizers, which are used for various agricultural crops and vegetables. These fertilizers are produced through a group of factories that contain integrated production and inspection lines, after which the work was developed to produce domestic and industrial detergents, and it developed within a short period until it reached advanced levels.

To view the company's products and their acquisition, it is possible to visit the company’s direct sales exhibition in Karbala and abroad, for inquiries, call (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the company’s direct marketing center on the road (Karbala / Najaf) in front of column (1145).
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