The Supreme Religious Authority warns ... the country is going through the most dangerous junctures.

The representative of the supreme religious authority; Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala'i read during the sermon of the Friday prayer of the 7th Jumada Ula 1441 AH corresponding to January 3, 2020, held at the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) the text received from the office of the supreme religious authority in Najaf; his eminence Sayed al-Sistani in Najaf, in which he stated:

"Events accelerate and crises aggravate and the country passes the most dangerous junctures; from the sinful aggression to which the Iraqi forces' sites were exposed in the city of al-Qa'em, and led to the death and injury of dozens of our fighters, to the unfortunate incidents that Baghdad witnessed during the past days, to the vicious attack on Baghdad international airport last night is an insolent breach of Iraqi sovereignty and international agreements.”
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