The Supreme Religious Authority: We support the demonstrations and stress on their peacefulness.

The representative of the supreme religious authority read during the sermon of the Friday prayer of the 17th Rabi Awwal 1441 AH corresponding to November 15, 2019, held at the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) the text received from the office of the supreme religious authority in Najaf, in which he stated:

“The support of the protests, affirming the commitment to their peacefulness and freedom from any form of violence, and condemning the attack on peaceful demonstrators by killing, wounding, kidnapping, intimidation or else, as well as condemning the attack on security forces, government installations and private property. Anyone involved in any of these acts - which are forbidden by law and in violation of the law - must be prosecuted and held accountable in accordance with judicial procedures.”
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