Cleaning campaigns reaching the areas around the Holy Shrine

As part of its cleaning work of the old city, the staffs of the division of the area between the Two Holy Shrines of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, washed the Imam al-Sadiq Street (peace be upon him) in the Bab al-Khan area east of the old city, with the participation of a number of the staff of the Municipality of Karbala.
These cleaning activities included washing the street and its pavements, using specialized vehicles belonging to the holy shrine, as well as other cleaning equipment.
The washing works come within the plan of the department to keep the streets of the old city clean and sustained.
In turn, the people of Al-Sadiq Street (peace be upon him) expressed their thanks for the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine represented by the department between the Two Holy Mosques for this service activity, stressing that the holy shrine is always keen to provide services to the people of the old city with its various regions and places.
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