Important in video: The press conference of Sayed Ahmad al-Safi and the medical team on the surgery details conducted to the supreme religious authority.

A press conference was held for the representative of the Supreme Religious Reference, His Eminence, Sayed. Ahmad Al-Safi, and the medical team that conducted the surgery for the supreme authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani. The press conference was about the details of the surgery conducted to his eminence today in the al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

Sayed Al-Safi explained at the conference: “We thank God very much for what he has bestowed on us. Yesterday, His Eminence felt pain in his leg, which led to a twisting which caused him a fracture on the top of the left thigh bone.”

He added: "Thankfully, a group of doctors met his eminence and diagnosed his medical condition, which was a true fracture of the upper leg - the top of the left thigh bone - and immediately the brothers began performing the necessary examinations to perform the operation."

"Praise be to God, the operation took place within half an hour and was performed by a group of skilled doctors, who reassured us that the condition of His Eminence is stable, and it is only a few days and the Sayed will return to his activity."

He added: "The staff who performed the operation was headed by Dr. Adnan Al-Kalabi, the specialist in fracture surgery, Dr. Ihsan Muhammad Ali Faraj, Dr. Ahmed Nima Al-Taie, Dr. Burayr Muhammad Ali Al-Asadi and Dr. Haitham Mahmoud Al-Asadi."

Stressing: "The operation was conducted with local anesthesia. And all praise be to God, the Sayed enjoys a stable condition, God willing."

For his part, Dr. Ihsan Al-Faraj explained: "God Almighty has granted us success today. The brothers from the surgical team headed by Dr. Adnan, has performed the process of fixing the fracture of the upper left femur to His Eminence."

Noting: "Given the old age of the Sayed, this is due to osteoporosis, and this fracture was in the top of the bone in an area where healing is fast, and the process of fixing the fracture is a minor process, and, God willing, the bone after the fracture will be stable, and tomorrow we will be in at the service of his eminence to make his stand on his feet."

Stressing: "The operation was carried out with regional anesthesia - a simple mid-anesthesia - and his eminence was praying throughout the operation for Iraq and the Iraqis, and now he is recovering after the operation, and all things are good, praise be to God, and, God willing, the Sayed will be in full health and is now stable."
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