Iraqi experience & efforts: The EL-Abbas holy shrine technical personnel planning to re-gild the dome, two minarets & outer surface of the sanctuary of Imam Ali holy shrine

Special gilding design
After a great experience the personnel of the EL-Abbas holy shrine gained from achieving several projects in gilding and which became meeting the international standards; the Secretariats-General of the EL-Abbas holy shrine and Imam Ali holy shrine has agreed on gilding the dome, the two minarets and the sanctuary of the Imam Ali holy shrine. For more information; gilding the Imam Ali holy shrine would be the first time by Iraqi personnel.

The head of the architectural department of the EL-Abbas holy shrine Engineer Dhya Mejeed EL-Sa’igh said that the under the guidance of the holy shrine and the Shiite Entailment Bureau; studies and designs had been laid out for each piece of gilded brick and what would be inscribed with such as verses of Noble Quran and some decoration, and everything would accurately need to be done.

The project is divided into some stages. First stage would be for laying out the designs; second stage would be for removing the old gilded bricks and strengthening the dome and minarets from outside. The diameter of the dome is 16.6m, and the diameter of the dome and the two minarets is 51.85m. A blue strip would be rounded the dome and the two minarets inscribed with some verses of Noble Quran and decoration. Each minaret is 29m high. The whole diameter of the dome, minarets and the balcony of the prayer caller is 1000 square meters.

He also said that preparing the gilded pieces of brick is processed at the gilding unit.
The type of gold used is 24, 10 gm for each piece which is 2 mm thick.

He concluded by saying that what would make the project distinctive was using verses of Quran with hot enamel which makes it look shiny.
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