The 32nd number of the al-'Ameed Magazine is issued in English.

Recently issued by the al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, the thirty-second number of the al-'Ameed International Magazine, which is a quarterly, peer-reviewed magazine dealing with various human research and studies.

This number includes a file called" The Husseini Minbar; Convergence and advancement", and this number was printed in English language.

On this number, the two bodies (consultative and editorial) stated: "With all pride, the al-'Ameed Scientific Journal of Humanitarian Studies affiliated to the al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies presents to the thirty-second number for its readers, with a broad and ambitious aspiration to be at the level of its researchers and authors who are providing it with their valuable research and studies, to find its way to the readers from which they take knowledge."

Continuing: "The number, entitled (Husseini Minbar .. Convergence and advancement), which was devoted to research written in the English language, sheds light on the Husseini Minbar as a visual and audio media means that follows the steps to draw a sound approach for the human being, through which the minds converge to transcend and upgrade cognitively and intellectually towards the universality of Husseini heavenly values. "

Concluding: "And not only that, but it hoarded another knowledge package for scientific research that has a Quranic, linguistic and literary side, in which distinctive Arab and Iraqi writers contributed, looking at the writers' view of the universality of the Husseini values​, as well as the cultural overlap between the peoples which aspires to evaluating the march of social life with a flood of love, in order to elevate the human mind to the highest ranks. "
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