Video: educational complexes that are a pioneering step to create a suitable educational environment in Iraq.

The educational complexes project is one of the strategic projects adopted by the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which came as a complement to a series of serious and meaningful steps adopted by the Holy Shrine and aims to create integrated infrastructures through schools (primary, middle and intermediate + cultural center), to contribute to providing educational service through modern methods, which help and contribute to the improvement of the level of education in Iraq according to a modernist vision.

Two places in the holy city of Karbala were chosen to be incubators to translate the outputs of these ideas and visions:

The first complex:

It is located on the al-Hurr Karbala Road and is built on an area of ​​(45,000 m 2), consisting of five schools on an area of ​(6.000) square meters for each school, with very high absorptive capacity because it consists of three floors, in addition to two kindergartens with three floors on an area of ​​(900) square meters. In addition to two sports halls, each of them is of (900) square meters that will be invested for the leisure of the beneficiaries of this project, and will be supportive of the activities of schools and kindergartens. In addition to these buildings, a cultural center is considered the most prominent landmark, as it consists of five floors on an area of (15) thousand square meters, which is the halls, theater and facilities that will be invested according to the plan of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.

The Second complex:

The project is established on an estimated area of 10.710 square meter. The facilities of this group include:

- Two schools for boys with classrooms, labs and other educational facilities in three floors on a total area of 2400 m2.

- A kindergarten on an area of 1250 square meter also in three floors.

- Sports hall of multiple uses on an area of 1300 square meter.

- A school for girls on a total area of 2400 square meter

- Gardens and main and sub- roads.
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