A Support Convoy heads to the Popular Mobilization fighters in Mosul.

The Samawah unit of the Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is still continuing to operate convoys of support for the Popular Mobilization fighters, who are stationed in the land liberated from ISIS terrorist gangs, particularly in the Mosul District Operations Brigade / 44 Ansar al-Marja`iyya, which carries out ongoing targeted gang attacks to ISIL remnants.

Those in charge of the convoy indicated: "This convoy is part of several support convoys that were sent to the various operational sectors, as we reached the fighters in the Hadhar city, specifically Ansar al-Marjaiya Brigade / 44 popular mobilization. This convoy included various food items and fruits as well as dry rations, in order to help them remain steadfast and perpetuate the victories that were achieved thanks to the blood of the martyrs from the security forces and the heroes of the popular mobilization. "

For their part, the fighters expressed their great thanks and gratitude for the great efforts made by the Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, for the continuous and uninterrupted support it provides to the brave fighters.
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