Biological waste management is the focus of a workshop at the al-Kafeel University.

In light of the al-Kafeel University’s keenness to promote healthy culture and work in an environment free from chemical and biological pollutants, a workshop was held at the College of Pharmacy / al-Kafeel University, entitled: “Ecosystems and the Promotion and Preservation of Ecological Diversity”.
The workshop dealt with a review of the types of environmental, biological and chemical pollutants, especially those that result from the use of chemical and biological materials in educational laboratories, and the lecturers also addressed scientific methods to deal with these pollutants and maintain a clean work environment, as this has a major impact on public health, whether for university students or Its members or the general public.
This workshop is part of a series of workshops recently adopted by the university, which dealt with the topic of (Biological and Chemical Wastes Management).
It is noteworthy that the University of al-Kafeel was recently ranked within the Green Metric, which depends on many factors, including the university's standard handling of pollutants and the provision of a safe environment for the educational process.
This workshop was attended by a large group of faculty employees, which was lectured by Assistant Professor Dr. Abdullah Abis Al Hatimi, instructor at the University of Kufa / College of Veterinary Medicine, and Assistant Professor Ayman Muhammad Baqir Al Hussein, instructor at the College of Pharmacy / University of al-Kafeel.
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