Um al-Baneen (peace be upon her) e-University opens the registration for the new academic year.

The Um al-Baneen (peace be upon her) e-university for the preparation of women preachers of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has announced opening the registration for the new academic season. It invites those wishing to register to participate in this scientific and intellectual institution to serve the preaching for women.

The university, which is based in the province of Najaf, highlighted that the sisters wishing to register should enter the registration link:

And according to the following conditions:

1- The applicant should have been at least a graduated from the preparatory school or equivalent.

2- Her age must not be less than 20 years old and not more than 45 years old.

3- She should have a religious and moral recommendation from one of the representatives of the religious authority or one of the notables and professors known by the university administration.

4- The applicant must succeed with at least 60% in the test of the Quartet committee at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

5- Fill out the attached electronic registration form.

It is to note that the aim of the establishment of this university is to prepare and nurture a generation of women preachers, who can convey the blessed voice of the Hussayni upraising to every place in the world, contributing to the dissemination of the moderate religious conscious discourse, the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, represented by the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, opened a E-University for Hawza studies for women under the name "Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) E-University for Women Preachers."
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