The al-Kafeel University provided treatment for more than 2 million cases free of charge.

Al-Kafeel University in the Najaf Governorate, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and through its dental clinics, announced that it provided free medical and treatment services to more than two million cases during the past year (2019).

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammad Shahid Al-Dahan explained: “Starting from the human and pioneering role of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in various sectors and fields, and to provide quality specialized medical services in the field of dentistry, many dental centers have been established in various governorates, and one of these centers is clinics of the College of Dentistry at the al-Kafeel University in the province of Najaf, in which an integrated preventive treatment system is applied, providing universal medical and therapeutic materials and devices subject to several tests, and under the supervision of a specialized committee with experience in this field.

He added: "Last year we were able to provide medical and therapeutic services to more than (2,000,000) two million cases free of charge, and most of these cases are from low-income families and families of martyrs and orphans of various ages. And the reason for this great turnout is a result of what the working medical cadres possess from experience in this field, resulting from translating their academic outputs into a tangible practical reality, so they were able to gain the confidence of the references as well as the ownership of clinics in all branches of dentistry. "

Adding: "The used medical and logistical materials are of specifications that are approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and the reason for this is for the student to complete what is required of him in the best possible way, and this is what we achieved during the years in which we opened these clinics."

With regard to safety standards, Dr. Karim Maktouf Attia, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Al-Kafeel, emphasized: “The presence of safety and security standards within the mechanism of academic accreditation, whereby patients are treated through students in the fourth and fifth stages, under the supervision of a cadre of specialized professors and with the help of a cadre of assistants. And they are students who excelled in their studies and who were attracted to our college. "

For her part, Dr. Kholoud Al-Safi from the College of Dentistry at Al-Kafeel University said: "Our students rely on materials and tools that a special committee in the college buys, and it is one of the most prestigious global origins, and this is in the interest of both the student and the patient, and we have been following the student from receiving the patient until completing the treatment, providing them with all the tools and supplies they need and we interfere if there is a need for that. ”
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