Proudly made in Iraq: The Ultrasound Gel is one of the Al-Joud Medical Company that has proven its success.

Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural and Industrial Technology, of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has, within its plan to create a case of industrial integration, manufactured Al-Joud Ultrasound Gel with high specifications, efficiency and quality that proved to be laboratory and practical successful within the company's medical production lines, with an Iraqi fingerprint.

This product came as a result of the openness that Iraq is witnessing at various levels, including the health field, and the materials that are included in the medical devices and the auxiliary materials therein, and among them the gel used in ultrasound devices, because many types of this material appeared to have a negative impact on the quality of the image extracted from the device, which affects the type of diagnosis for this device.

This product is characterized by specifications that made it at the forefront of its peers from local and international companies, as it is characterized by:

- High definition connector of sonar signal.

- It does not cause the signal to be lost, which contributes to achieving positive results.

- It is a good electrical conductor and provides clear, accurate and non-dispersed scanning images.

- It has a special viscosity, density and absorbency for this purpose because it has physical properties that qualify it for this use.

- The product has an odorless formula.

- It provides comfort to the patient and does not leave any traces or irritation on the skin.

- The speed of its dryness after use, as the patient does not have to use detergents, water or the like to remove it.

- The product is manufactured with a high-quality formula that is subject to the standards of the World Health Organization and the Iraqi Standardization and Quality Control System.

- The product is environmentally safe, easy to use and suitable for all ultrasound devices.

- It does not contain chemical substances that are skin irritating.

- It is suitable for all skin types and less sensitive.

- It has excellent lubrication and sliding properties, with no trace.

- Its formula is free of salts and glycerin, which negatively affects the quality of the image and the patient's body.

- It spreads evenly over the portion to be examined without clumping and not drying.

It is noteworthy that the product is available at the company's direct sales outlets in Karbala and outside, and for inquiries, call ((07801930125) or ((07801035422) or visit the company’s direct marketing center on the Karbala / Najaf road versus column (1145), which is offered in two capacity containers 500 ml and 5 liters.
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