The staffs of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announce the completion of the manufacture of the Safi Safa Shrine's grid.

The technical staff working in the department of the manufacture of shrines' grids and doors of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, have finished the manufacture of the shrine's grid of Atheeb Al-Yamani known as (Safi Safa) - may God be pleased with him - in the province of Najaf, and preparations are underway to transfer it from Karbala in order to start the work of installing it during the coming days.

The installation will be supervised and executed by the same cadres that designed and manufactured it, to add this grid to the grids that have been manufactured, including the manufacture and installation of the stones of prayer niches for the Maqam of the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (peace be upon him) in the same shrine, which was manufactured and installed last year.

The head of the department, Mr. Nadhem Al-Ghurabi, dedicated the al-Kafeel Network with details about this grid, saying: "The grid, which was designed and manufactured by the staff of the workshops of the department, and who have harnessed all their efforts to make it a beautiful piece of art with high accuracy that are commensurate with the holy shrine and Maqam, was distinguished by modern Islamic designs by the fingers of the most skilled workers to preserve the phrase (made in Iraq).

He added: "The grid has a length of 4,70 meters, width (3,60 meters) and height (4,20 meters), and that the materials used in its manufacture are gold, silver, copper and stainless steel, as the weight of the used gold reached approximately (800 g), and of the pure silver is approximately (220 kg), copper (1 ton), and stainless steel (3.5 tonnes), in addition to using approximately (50 kg) of enamel that was used in the decoration of the manuscripts that were engraved on it."

Indicating: "The wood used in the manufacture of the wooden structure that carries all the metal parts is Burmese teak wood, which has several advantages, including its resistance to environmental conditions and its high tolerance to loads and weights, and that termite do not attack it. The raw wood was formed and cut according to the structure's dimensions in addition to the inscriptions of the grid's interior. "

It is noteworthy that the work came on the basis of the agreement concluded between the General Secretariat of the Shia Holy Shrines and the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, as its staffs had acquired sufficient skills and experience in the grids industry that qualify them to carry out external work, whether in the field of design or manufacturing, which contributed to enhancing professional and practical capabilities.
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