Al-Kafeel University reveals its future vision and an overview of its upcoming projects.

Al-Kafeel University affiliated to the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, revealed its vision for the future and its serious and ambitious pursuit of scientific development and progress in both the horizontal and the vertical levels in terms of quantity and quality, and to meet the needs of the educational sector in accordance with a clear future development plan.
The future vision is summarized as follows:
First: Opening new colleges and scientific departments.
Second: Attracting a teaching staff with advanced scientific degrees.
Third: Excellence in performance quality and raising the scientific rank of the university locally and globally.
Fourth: Effective contribution by preparing scientific research and publishing in scientific journals with a high scientific impact factor for the purposes of developing activities of the departments of the al-Abbas' s(p) Holy Shrine and solving problems facing society.
Fifth: Organizing cultural activities (local and international scientific seminars, workshops and conferences) for the purpose of developing staff and providing the scientific research movement with distinctive quantity and quality products.
Sixth: Planning to open postgraduate studies.
Seventh: Openness and interaction with Iraqi and international universities by organizing agreements and cultural relations.
It is noteworthy that the number of students at the university with all its colleges and departments is (3766) students distributed over (College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, College of Law, College of Technical Engineering, College of Medical and Health Technologies), and three departments are (Sharia, Media and Religious Tourism), in addition to this Elite of academic professors in various disciplines within the university, as well as administrative staff.
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