Training course to qualifying the EL-Kefeel institute staff of the people with disabilities

In order to develop the EL-Kefeel institute feminine staff of the people with disabilities, a development course has been started to bring up the educational level of the staff. The staff is taking care of those with disabilities of young and old.

Dr. Jamal Mansoor EL-Marhoon is a specialist in treatment of children means and teaching the staff in order to enhance the level of those with disabilities.

The head of the institute Mrs. Sara EL-Haffar was so happy to start such courses because these all lead to better results in which they reflect a great concern being considered by the EL-Abbas holy shrine by supporting and providing the institute with everything those with disabilities might need.

It’s been mentioned that the EL-Kefeel institute has been holding particular courses to develop people with disabilities. The institute contributes in supporting their capabilities.
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