In the term of hospitality, a seven stories edifice being built by the EL-Abbas holy shrine

In respect of the majority of delegations coming to the hoy shrine of EL-Abbas (p.b.u.h), the EL-Abbas holy shrine began implementing a guesthouse to receive a great number of delegations at any time.

The head of the Architectural Projects Department of EL-Abbas holy shrine engineer Dhya Mejeed EL-Sa’igh said to EL-Kefeel International Network that the project being achieved by Teabat Kerbala and EL-Huda construction companies. It is located in the middle of the downtown, and it would be supplied with modern services. The diameter of the project is about 754 square meters, seven stories, and 18.2 meters high.

It’s one of the projects being achieved for facilitating all the obstacles for the delegations come from abroad to visit Kerbala holy city and the holy shrines in it.
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