The thirteenth of Jumada II: Death anniversary of the Lady of loyalty; Lady Om al-Baneen (peace be upon her).

The House of prophecy, message and revelation has embraced unique figures who were brought up and learned from this blessed House, such as the venerable Lady Fatima Bint Huzam known by Oum al-Baneen, the mother of al-Abbas and his brothers (peace be upon them) which commemorate her death anniversary these days.

Oum al-Baneen is Fatima al-Kilabiyah from aal al-waheed, her family is from the masters, leaders and famous heroes of Arabs. Her father is Huzam son of Khaled son of Rabi'ah.

She (peace be upon her) arose between two noble parents who were known by morals and wisdom, and the Almighty God has bestowed upon her His blessings, giving her a free, chaste and pure soul, innocent and sound heart, acumen and rational reasoning, so when she grew up she became an honorable example in the praised morals. Thus, 'Aqeel ibn Abi Taleb, who was a genealogist, has chosen her to be the wife of his brother the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him).

As when Imam Ali (peace be upon him) wanted to marry a women that comes from a brave and generous family and has in her veins pride and cleverness, so she can have children of high good qualities. It is narrated that Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (peace be upon him) said: “It related that the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali inquired from his brother ‘Aqeel, who was a genealogist and knew the Arabian families well, to find a woman from a valorous Arab family, so that he could marry her and she in turn would bear him a valorous sons. ‘Aqeel replied, ‘Then marry Fatima Kilabiyah, for there is none among the Arabs who is more valorous than her fathers’...”

So, 'Aqeel went to the house of Huzam as guest and informed him that he was coming to ask for the hand of his daughter to the Master of guardians (peace be upon him). And the blessed marriage was done with the dowry of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) given to his wives and his daughter Fatima (peace be upon her): five hundred dirhams.

Oum al-Baneen (peace be upon her) was an example of the venerable and virtuous women knowing the right of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). She was eloquent, fluent, pious, and a model of asceticism, righteousness and worship. Lady Oum al-Baneen’s name was Fatima; however, upon her arrival in Imam Ali’s household, she requested that everyone call her Oum al-Baneen so that she would not remind them of the daughter of the Prophet and revive their grief. Despite being a young bride who undoubtedly had dreams and aspirations of her own, she instead insisted on being a mere servant to the orphans of Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her). In turn, the children treated her with great respect and love, referring to her as their own mother.

She (peace be upon her) is the example of loyalty and faithfulness in its finest images, living with the Commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) in purity and sincerity, and after his martyrdom, she lived for a long time fulfilling her duty towards him.

And after serving the Master of guardians (peace be upon him) and his two son Imam al-Hassan and Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon both of them), the grandsons of the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) and the masters of the youth of Paradise, along with the immaculate Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her), after spending her life between the worship of the Almighty Allah and long sorrows for the loss of the friends of Allah, from the martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (peace be upon both of them), the martyrdom of her four sons in one hour in order to safeguard the sanctity the beloved of Allah and His Prophet the martyr Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), after all of this she has died on the thirteenth of Jumada Second in the year 64 AH to join the mercy of her Lord.

Oum al-Baneen (peace be upon her) was buried in Baqi' cemetery near Ibrahim, Zaynab, Oum Kulthum, Abdullah, al-Qassem and others companions and martyrs. Her grave was demolished by the Naasibis along with the graves of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt; Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba, Imam Ali Zayn al-'Abideen, Imam Mohammad al-Baqer and Imam Ja'far as-Sadeq (peace be upon them).

This venerable lady has a great position to the Almighty, His Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt (Allah's prayers be upon them), and whenever a person ask the Almighty for a thing by her right and intercession, his Dua is accepted and his request is fulfilled unless it is prohibited or is against the divine will. Therefore, people have a special love for her.

So, peace be upon the virtuous, loyal and sincere woman, who has consoled the Immaculate Lady Az-Zahra (peace be upon her) in the tragedy of Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and established funerals for him. Peace be upon her the day she was born, the day she dies and the day she will resuscitate by the permission of her Lord.
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