The Projects of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine
The project of detecting the infrastructure erosion of the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and injecting it with cement.
The repercussions of the rise in the groundwater levels of the holy city of Karbala have had effects on its facilities in general and the structures of the holy shrines in particular, for their old age and because they are built on a lower level ground than the rest of the city. Secondly, because of neglect and indifference by the previous regimes, especially the collapsed dictatorial regime, in which time the underground waters reached sometimes the ground of the holy shrine, which required the current administration of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to end the problem and stop its repercussions, which was assigned to the Civil Engineering Division in the Department of Engineering and Technical Affairs, to execute a project that is of great importance for the protection of this construction, and to stop its walls erosion and the increasing cracks in them. It is the project to strengthen the foundations of the shrine and its corridors, or the so-called (the detection of the infrastructure erosion and cavities and injection of cement).
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