The al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital is ready to treat the wounded protestors and security forces.

The administration of the al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced its full readiness to treat any received case of the demonstrators or security forces free of charge. This was its workign plan on since the first days of the outbreak of the demonstrations. Its doors are opened to all these cases and did not refuse receiving any of the cases.
This was stated in a letter sent by the hospital administration to the Health Directorate of Karbala, stating:
"Given the current situation in the holy city of Karbala and the events witnessed in the province, we would like to inform you of the willingness and readiness of the hospital to provide medical and therapeutic services to the wounded, whether protesters or security forces.)
The hospital also indicated that the evacuated wounded are taken to either Safir Hospital or Imam Hussein General Hospital, which is the medical plan developed by the Iraqi Ministry of Health.
It is noteworthy that the hospital has confirmed in a previous statement that its doors are open to all Iraqis, and that it has treated many of the cases, whether demonstrators or security forces.
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